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Diversity Jobs and Inclusion Jobs in Higher Education

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Diversity Jobs

A greater emphasis has been placed on recruiting a diverse workforce since the realization that having a diverse employee base improves business results. In higher education, the purpose has been two-fold, as efforts to attract and retain a diverse student body has been met with demands that the college or university staff and faculty look like the students they serve. This shift in priorities for recruiting has led to the creation of diversity jobs and for a need to be able to reach a diverse applicant pool, which often means casting a wider net than traditional search practices.

Indeed, as the competitive advantage of workforce diversity has become more accepted, there has been growth of a new genre of positions that focus on improving the diversity and inclusion of an organization. Cultural diversity jobs and diversity training jobs have become more common, with the number of diversity jobs in higher education growing at a rapid pace.

Diversity Jobs and Diversity Job Boards

When you’re looking for diversity job sites to post your vacancies to, you’ll want to make sure that the diversity job board is targeting the industry that you’re trying to reach. Using generic diversity job posting sites often results in your posting getting lost among the posting from other industries.

Diversity Job Fairs

Sometimes, the best way to make connections with candidates is face to face. Diversity job fairs offer an opportunity for a version of employer and candidate speed-dating and help organizations get the word out about their opportunities to a diverse demographic. Sometimes, it isn’t possible or practical to host an in-person diversity job fair, so virtual diversity job fairs can be used with similar results.

Here are some of the diversity and inclusion jobs you’ll find on the site:

chief diversity officer jobs

diversity manager jobs

diversity officer jobs

diversity consultant jobs

diversity coordinator jobs

diversity trainer jobs

diversity director jobs

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